Waste Management Methods

Technically-acceptable methods for managing the most common exploration and production (E&P) waste types are summarized

in Tables 1 and 2. For each waste type a method has been designated as :

  • Waste Minimization Methods (Column A): these methods generally embody practices to reduce, re-use, recycle, replace, or recover. The waste minimization hierarchy identifies these methods as preferable to treatment or disposal
  • Treatment and Disposal Methods (Column B): these methods are primarily focused on waste treatment or disposal.

A Waste Management (WM) Method could involve equipment (e.g., drum crusher), a facility (e.g., landfill), a practice (e.g., return to supplier) or a combination
(e.g., oil recovery followed by land treatment).
Company-controlled waste management equipment and facilities shall be designed, constructed and operated in accordance with the Global Upstream and
Gas (GUG) Environmental Performance Standard (EPS) Technology Standards.

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