Gas Detection

This standard is to establish minimum requirements within Joint Operations for portable Gas Detection instruments and their use.

This standard applies to all Joint Operation’s employees and/or contractor personnel performing portable Gas Testing at Joint Operations. This standard describes the selection of portable gas detection instruments and the minimum tests that must be conducted in the following situations:
  • Before performing hot work
  • Before entering a confined space
This standard does not apply to fixed gas detection devices or systems. The objective of this standard is ensure that portable gas detection instruments are correctly selected for the tasks to be performed and that all relevant gas tests that must be conducted to ensure worker safety are performed. Strict adherence to the testing procedures provided in this standard ensures that:
  • Tests prior to work in an area where hazardous atmosphere might be present
  • Hot Work and Confined Space Entry is conducted safely Workers are not exposed to hazardous atmospheres above permissible exposure limits for airborne contaminants.

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