General Manager statement

Welcome to the Joint Operations Contractor Health, Environment and Safety website. At Joint Operations, over 80% of our workforce is contractor employees.

The CHESM process is dedicated to help our contractors to provide a safe and  healthy workplace for our workforce, families and communities. The following pillars are fundamental to CHESM:

  • We are all responsible for our own safety as well the safety of our colleagues and JO assets.
  • You are authorized to use Stop Work Authority (SWA) to correct unsafe conditions or acts.
  • Safety must come first, no matter how urgent the job is.
  • All incidents are preventable through appropriate training and planning for identifying and controlling work site risks.
  • Everyone must comply with Joint Operations Environment, Health and Safety policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Manage Safe Work procedures are designed to ensure everybody’s safety and we are all responsible to adhere and implement.

This website is helpful collection of resources for learning more about Joint Operations processes and procedures. We are partners and we should work together for safe win-win business.

 I can assure you that I, and all of Joint Operations Leadership Team are committed  to working with you to create an environment where Zero Incidents is an attainable goal.

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