Contractor HAZCOM:

JOSOP 505 HSZCOM is applicable to all contractors whose employees handle chemicals as part of JO operations. The requirements include:

  1. Before starting the contract, contractor must provide to the concerned JO Division, list of chemicals, MSDS, information on likely hazards, and control measures for chemicals the contractor plans to bring on site, to permit review of the hazards and control measures.
  2. Contractor must maintain copies of MSDS in 16 part ISO format in a folder in the division, and the concerned division shall ensure that HAZCOM Process Advisor (Industrial Hygienist) is provided a copy for master file and for displaying on JOPWEB.
  3. Contractor should check MSDS on JOPWEB displayed under “Your Safety at JO”, and communicate with HAZCOM Process Advisor (Industrial Hygienist) to make sure that updated MSDS of the contractor are displayed.
  4. Contractor wanting to bring a new chemical must submit PAEF and MSDS to Superintendent EH&S through Contract owner/ Superintendent, and obtain necessary approval. Contractor shall introduce new chemical in JO only after getting approval of PAEF from Superintendent EH&S, and providing training to employees.
  5. Contractor must ensure that all chemical containers carry proper labels and are stored properly, as mentioned in JOSOP 505. Contractor must ensure that contractor employees receive orientation on chemicals, including JO chemicals, that contractor employees handle, location of chemicals in the work area, location of MSDS in folder and on JOPWEB, and handling and protection measures to prevent exposure.
  6. Safety Engineer of contractor and key contractor employees receive training in HAZCOM O/E Process and JOSOP 505 provided by JO.
  7. Contractor shall ensure that the contractor safety engineer/ contractor supervisor provides HAZCOM training to their employees whose work entails handling of chemicals. The training should be initially (including new personnel before initial assignment, personnel transferred to new assignment, and before handling any new chemical) and annually thereafter. The outline of training shall be similar to HAZCOM training for JO employees. However list of chemicals and hazards should be specific to chemicals handled by contractor employees. Training must be documented, including dates and names of personnel.
  8. Records: Contractor must maintain auditable records to document its compliance with applicable clauses of JOSOP 505 HSZCOM. Training records must be retained for 5 years.
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