First Aid Kit:

The contractor shall provide first aid kits, at the rate of one for every 100 employees. The first aid kits shall contain antiseptics, bandages and medicines with valid expiry date, at all times. The first aid kit shall be placed in a visible point at the work place, within the reach of workers. A trained first aider shall be in-charge of first aid kit. The first aid shall be administered by trained first aider. The contractor must maintain date wise records of work related injuries and illnesses and cases to which first aid is given.

Sanitary Facilities:

The contractor shall provide drinking water, sanitary toilets, urinals, washing faucets or washbasins, dressing lockers, change rooms, separate eating place and rest room for the use of employees. Drinking water points should be located closer to workers. Common cups should not be used to serve drinking water. The number of sanitary fixtures must be adequate. Washing faucets and urinals must be located closer to workers, besides the toilet rooms. Shower baths must be provided if employees come in direct physical contact with chemicals. Toilets, lockers and eating places must be kept clean. Liquid soap in dispensers or soap cake and individual paper towels should be available all the time. A shelter room with cool drinking water should be provided closer to employees exposed to heat stress.

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