Occupational Hygiene

Contractor shall comply with Occupational Hygiene requirements of JO OE Process on Occupational Hygiene, Kuwait Environment Public Authority (K-EPA), Kuwait Labor Law 38 of 1964 as amended till to date, and other Government regulations, in order to identify, assess and control exposure to environmental agents at work that may affect health of workforce and monitor and maintain health of employees. Contractor shall be responsible to carry out the following:

  1. Anticipate and recognize likelihood of hazards to health of workers caused by tasks/ processes carried out, and carry out qualitative risk assessment prior to start of the job, and develop exposure profile
  2. Assessment: If qualitative risk assessment indicates Occupational Exposure Limits are likely to be exceeded, contractor must carry out personal exposure monitoring of representative sample employees using measurement devices, and compare with JO/K-EPA Occupational Exposure Limits(OEL). Select stringent of the two limits for comparison. Personal exposure monitoring must be carried out by trained personnel.
  3. Control measures: If personal exposure levels exceed OEL, select and implement control measures from hierarchy of controls to reduce exposure levels below OEL, as mentioned in Occupational Hygiene OE Process.
  4. Medical Surveillance: Medical surveillance of employees exposed to chemicals mentioned in Appendix 3.2 of K-EPA, Kuwait Ministerial resolution No. 17of 973, and Chevron Global Medical Surveillance Standards is required if personal exposure of employee (or similar exposure group) exceeds 50% of OEL, or if the employee was acutely exposed as in spill or leak. Medical surveillance seeks to confirm if the control measures are effective. Frequency of medical surveillance is as mentioned in these documents.
  5. Results of work related personal exposure and medical surveillance shall be communicated to employee and his immediate supervisor, and JO Industrial Hygienist. Medical assistance must be made available to treat the affected employee. Due to long latency time of occupational health effects, records of personal exposure shall be maintained for employees’ duration of employment plus 30 years.
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