The Environment Team of the EHS Division strives to support the Joint Operations journey to Operational Excellence. We advise operations and manage information to deal with a myriad of environmental aspects and impacts of our business and measure our performance. With the environment being one of the five areas of focus for Operational Excellence – along with safety, health reliability and efficiency – a systematic approach to environmental management is utilized in the form of two standardized OE Processes adopted from the OE Management System - the Environmental Stewardship (ES) process and the Environment Social Health Impacts Assessment (ESHIA) process. .
The focus of the Environmental Stewardship process is dealing with the ongoing activities of day-to-day operations and how these operations impact the local receiving environment – the air, the water, and the land. The ES process is aligned with the International Standards Organization ISO 14001 standard. It includes activities to inventory, assess, prioritize and plan for improvement all of the environmental aspects and impacts of our operation. This inventory register is maintained and reviewed each year to ensure our operations and projects endeavor to continuously improve our performance and address the significant impacts identified. Also as part of the ES Process, are a number of Environmental Performance Standards (EPSs) which set a minimal floor of performance for us to attain or exceed. These EPSs deal with Air Emissions, Produced Water, Natural Resources, Flaring & Venting, and Waste Management –including third-party waste stewardship.
The Environment Social Health Impacts Assessment process is focused on our future proposed capital projects to ensure they improve our business and environmental performance. Through the ESHIA process projects are studied to assess, not only environmental impacts, but social and reputational impacts. We strive to ensure projects are executed in a manner that addresses local environmental statutes, fill the gaps between our performance and the expectations of the EPSs, and optimize our impacts on the environment.
In addition to the management system processes, our team assists JO in compliance with environmental regulations of the national governments. Environmental authorities for the State of Kuwait is the Kuwait Environment Public Authority and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the presidency of Meteorology and Environment.
The following are the professionals working on our Environment Team and a brief statement regarding their subject matter expertise. Please feel comfortable contacting us to address your questions and concerns.

Team Member Office Location JO Ext. CAI Subject Matter
Dr. Schaun M. Smith F-108 3620 SWKF Team Lead and advisor of the OE processes
Dr. Suha M. Yasin F-105 2875 sybf Flaring & Venting, Air Emissions, Natural Resources representative on capital projects, Compliance Assurance advisor
Tawfiq S. Deek F-109 3317 tdgx Waste Management, Produced Water, waste minimization/recycling alternatives
Yousef Al-Najjar F-104 3318 yacy Domestic waste (sewage treatment), kitchen waste, third-party waste contracts
Saud S. Al-Harbi F-109 2952 sdlh Metrics reporting, greenhouse gas, criteria pollutants, spill reporting, waste disposal metrics, third-party waste stewardship
Mohammed Al-Haidar F-107 2331 myzv Capital projects, EIAs
Ibrahim Al-Kanadari F-107 3316 iakl Waste management, sewage treatment, waste recycling, field housekeeping

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