Environment Social Health Impacts Assessments

The Joint Operations Operational Excellence Management System utilizes the ESHIA (Environment Social Health Impacts Assessment) process to internally evaluate major projects for the manner in which they may impact the environment and community. This internal process is utilized to guide projects through the Projects Development and Execution Process (CPDEP) ensuring that projects adverse impacts are addressed and positive aspects are optimized. Similarly, the government environment authorities where we operate are interested in similar issues relating to all of our projects. Both the State of Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have regulations requiring studies of projects to consider significant impacts. This JOSOP 610 is designed to ensure all JO projects are screened to determine the need to conduct Environmental Impact Reports (EIAs) for the governments and determine if there are any internal ESHIA process requirements. By applying this procedure, project teams can learn of the applicability of the EIA regulations to their projects early in the project planning cycle at the initial Budget Proposal phase. This allows for project planning for studies and expenses associated with these important activities.

Included along with the JOSOP 610 Procedure are:

  • Appendix A - a pre-screening questionnaire
  • Appendix B & C - information forms for smaller, less complex projects executed in Saudi Arabia
  • Appendix D – Guidelines for complex projects executed in Saudi Arabia
  • Charts 1 & 2 - flow charts for projects within Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

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