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Joint Operations is committed to achieving world-class environmental, health and safety performance.

Stop Work Authority It is your responsibility – and you have the authority We always comply with the Tenets of Operational Excellence . As an employee or contractor for JO, you are responsible and authorized to stop any work that does not comply with these tenets and there will be no repercussions to you. That is our commitment to you.

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  • Procure Materials from approved sources in a professional, ethical, competitive and cost effective manner consistent with Joint Operations Policies, Procedures & Business Objectives, while promoting Supplier Relationship that create added value.Click here for Purchasing Activity
  • The Joint Operations Technical Query Application (TQ App) is designed to submit, track and facilitate the closure of all TQs related to Pre-Bid RFQ clarifications, Post-Order clarifications and JDE Item master data. A TQ is any query which is raised against RFQs, POs or JDE item master data. TQs are mostly generated when there is a discrepancy between JDE item description and what is being procured. .
  • Joint Operations Wafra (JO) have upgraded Gate Pass issuance for all JO Facilities from Manual to Automated System. All the Company Representatives (Mandoob) of our Business Partners can apply for JO Gate Pass after registration and account acctivation .

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Welcome to the Joint Operations Contractor Health, Environment & Safety website. At Joint Operations, over 80% of our workforce are contractor employees .

The CHESM process is dedicated helping our contractors provide a safe and healthy workplace for our workforce, families and communities. More

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